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This blog is dedicated to my adventures while I am studying in Salzburg, Austria. I will upload pictures and posts as much as possible. This blog is where I will post about all my adventures. Enjoy!

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I ran out of internet. Cause you know….only 10gb….a month. Sad!
However, Life has been great. I have made many new friends. And guess what!! Most are not Americans. It has been just a wonderful time!

I have been teaching every Friday. I teach highschoolers english. It isn’t to bad. Very fun and rewarding. I wouldn’t give it up. It is gonna be very sad when I go home. I don’t want to….kinda.

Last Sunday, the 30th of March, I went with a group of friends to Neuschwanstein. It is such a beautiful castle. There is a lot of history to it, which can make a historian weep in excitement!

The group consisted of my Italian friend Cindy, Hong Konganese friend Sam, British friend Lynelle, and American friend Lorena, and me of course. We left Salzburg at 7:12am and arrived in Munich at 9am. We then left from Munich to Füssen, which is a village close to Neuschwanstein. Arriving in Füssen, one could see the Castle in the distance. The village was super crowed at this early hour with tourists from all over the world.

We took a bus from Füssen to the village of Hohenschwangau, which is at the base of the Castle. The village was super cute and small. It was super adorable. We got our tickets, which were 11 euro, and we made our way to the castle. The hike took about 30 minutes, however it was very steep. We made it to the Marienbrücke, which is the Bridge above the castle. It was gorgeous views. A very narrow  bridge with tons of people is kinda terrifying when the wind sways the bridge and everyone is on it.

We then did the tour of the Castle. The tour was not worth the 11 euro cost. The tour was super short and one only sees like 7 rooms. It was simply under impressive. However, the rooms that we did see, were amazing. I got some pictures of it even though we were not suppose to take pictures. :P Hey, what can I say, I do as I want. We then left and went back to Salzburg. It was a great day!

As I have promised, here is an update about my time here. I shall talk about my weekend in Vienna…even tho that was…god weeks ago. I forget to do things! Sorry! Don’t hate!

Any who,

The weekend started off amazing. My group and I rode a bus to Vienna where we got off at the Rathaus. Such a beautiful building if you ask me, even more so at night.

It was a Friday and everything was gorgeous. The weather was great and the feel in the air put me in heaven. I was more happy when I saw the Maria Theresia monument. It was this huge monument that towered over everything. Such an amazing sight! I look many pictures with her, but I shall only post one for now. :P Lets just say that I was in heaven that Friday, everything was perfect.

On Saturday, the weather took a turn for the worse. It was raining and very windy, made me think of Chicago. My group went to the Kunsthistoriches Museum, which was just amazing. So many beautiful paintings. The building was huge, roughly the size of Peck Hall at SIUe. You walk in to the giant open marble foyer and just stare in amazement at the vastness of the room.

The art work was organized in to many different areas. Ranging from Egyptian period to late German, there was a place for everyone to get their fancy tickled. The Museum had many side displayes, like the Coin collection, and the Faberge egg exhibit. However, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in that exhibit, which was very sad. I’ll post some of the pictues of the Kunsthistoriches Museum in a bit.

That Sunday, my group and I drove back to Salzburg. We stopped at Stift Melk, the Melk Abby, which is right outside Vienna. Huge complex, and very very modern, which threw me off. But it was great.

All in all, Vienna was great and I would so go again! :)

Sorry for the none blogging thing! I have been super busy with School work and with just being in Salzburg and having fun! I can shall do some post soon! I promise! I am going to post about my time in Vienna, my awesome weekend that just happened, and about my classes so far. SO STAY put and have fun! :) Also, it is snowing!!! :):)

I am heading to Vienna this weekend. I hope it is a blast. Wait…It will be a blast! :D

My first few weeks in Salzburg has been fun and yet very hectic. From the fast pace of classes to the closing of everything on Sundays, my time in Salzburg has been simply a dream come true. Working my ass off to get here, I often find it hard to simply believe that I am here, in an amazing city, where everyone is so friendly. I have not had one problem with the people yet.

Salzburg has some of the best public transportation I have been on yet. The buses normally run on time and the trains are simply an amazing thing. The only issuse I have run in to with the transportation is that most buses stop running around midnight, so a night on the town requires me to walk 3 miles back to my dorm. I don’t really have a problem with that however.

My classes are going well. The teachers are a hoot in a half and are really interesting. The class structure is very different compared to the States, however, it has it similarities.

My classes start today! But they aren’t official until the 6th of March. I am a bit nervous, but I am sure I will do fine. :) Can’t wait!

Gay bars in Salzburg are odd in the fact that no one dances in them. People shuffle around,  but don’t dance. It threw me off big time, because I am use to the American Gay bar where everyone is dancing and just letting loose. However, I plan on going again and try experience it through the eyes of a native. :)

More Street Art in Salzburg! I love it! :)